Mumbai’s Famous Matka Boss Has Died

Mumbai’s famous’matka boss’ has died. Rattan Khatri was the only surviving family member of Kalyanji Bhagat. He was on a plane from Bangalore to Mumbai when the hijacking occurred, and decided to make his family uncomfortable by calling the control tower. In an attempt to avoid the confusion, he paid the pilot extra protection money to force him out of the trade. This incident made him famous and he continued to run the business for nearly 15 years.

matka boss is famous

The crime was discovered by the Crime Branch, which arrested all those involved. The accused were convicted in 2013, although Jaya is still believed to run the matka business with the help of his family. Old timers say that matka has been overshadowed by cricket betting in recent years, which has made it harder to find a good’matka boss’. However, the story of the’matka boss’ will not be forgotten.

The’matka boss’ is often referred to as a bookie. There are many different types of’matka’. The most famous is the ‘Babu’, which is a game where the bookmaker chooses a random number from zero to nine. When the gang decides to make a bet, the bookmaker pays the winner. There are two parts to the outcomes of a matka gambling.

After the shooting, the Crime Branch arrested all those involved in the case. As a result, Jaya was convicted. The rest of the gang is still behind bars. The old timers believe that the sport of matka has been overtaken by cricket betting in recent years. In India, this is a case of’matka’ gone wrong. The game is still illegal but it is becoming more popular. It is not only popular, but is also highly addictive.

The crime branch then arrested all those involved in the shooting. All three men were convicted of the crimes. During the trial, the Matka boss was sentenced to jail. The crime gang was responsible for the murder of Suresh Bhagat. Several other members of the gang were sentenced to prison. One of the operators was a bookie. It was later found that the two men had a connection and that they had a common interest in matka.

The gangs involved in the killing were subsequently arrested and tried by the Crime Branch. Fortunately, the two’matka boss’ were arrested and sentenced to jail. They were caught and convicted in 2013. Despite the deaths, the matka business was still very profitable until the 2008 crisis. Aside from the murder of Suresh Bhagat, the gang also suffered a setback. During the time of the emergency, Kalyanji Bhagat murdered his son Suresh Bhagat. Among the Matka kings, Ratan Khatri is one of the’matka boss’. In addition, the other’matka boss’ is famous for being notorious.

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